Rural Health Clinic Assn | Membership
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What is the Rural Health Clinic Association of Washington?

Prior to 1994, Rural Health Clinics independently dealt with issues affecting local health care delivery. From January 1994 through July 1996 when the Rural Health Clinic Association of Washington (RHCAW) incorporated, the collective clinics united to educate legislators and state government agencies. That advocacy was dedicated to ensuring access, providing quality health care, and protecting the Rural Health Clinic Program.

How will the RHCAW help your practice?

RHCAW plays a major role in advocating for Rural Health Clinics during the policy reimbursement implementation of Washington State’s Medical Assistance Administration

  • Advocated the rationale of cost-based reimbursement and developed a pass-through enhanced rate from state Medical Healthy Options Programs;
  • Assured insurance companies recognize and paid for the services of mid-level providers and non-board certified physicians in rural communities; and
  • Defined the uniqueness of RHCs and explained in the current health care environment to DSHS, CMS, OCRH, and WSHA

Be Part of RHCAW

Interested in preserving Rural Health Clinics in Washington? Then come join us! For a membership application, click below.

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